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Rose Tennent has a commanding media presence and riveting personality, bringing insight on issues regarding politics, faith, and family values. Her career spans across multiple media outlets and has most notably been a TV and radio host, political pundit, speaker, and author.

Rose Tennent has been a prominent figure for over 20 years as a syndicated conservative talk show host. She is a frequent guest-host for the Sean Hannity, Dennis Prager, Hugh Hewitt, Larry Elder, Mike Gallagher, and has made several appearances on Fox News.

Previously, Rose co-hosted The War Room with Quinn and Rose, a syndicated radio talk show in Pittsburgh on iHeart Radio and Sirius XM Radio. She has since taken her conservative talk radio show, Rose Unplugged, to new heights. Regular prominent guests include: Kellyanne Conway, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Attorney-General Jeff Sessions, Ben Carson, Andrew McCarthy, Gregg Jarrett, Scott Adams, Joseph diGenova, Eric Trump, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Sarah Carter, Dinesh D’Souza, Senator Ted Cruz, and Senator Rick Santorum, to name a few.

Her uncanny ability to relate to guests and draw them in, plus her wide ranging personality suggests a show with a broad spectrum appeal. From the serious to the emotional to the hysterically funny, she can cover all bases. She is an edgy and “politically incorrect Ellen.”

Rose speaks nationally and frequently on topics of interest to women, and to a general audience, on culture, media, and social issues of the day. She has spoken at rallies supporting the troops and at the Washington, D.C., Tea Party events. Rose serves on the Advisory Board for Women for Trump Coalition and Moms for America. For several years, she has served as the political liaison person with state and federal governments on behalf of the Smaller Manufacturers Council. 

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