The GD Morning Show

Weekdays 6 AM – 8 AM

Darryl Grandy and Greg Maxwell make up The GD Morning Show.  Welcome to your two-hour morning shot of fun, laughs, and irreverence to give you the BEST start to your day!

We’re just two radio-lifer dudes, one in the 30’s, and one in the 40’s,, born and bred here in Western PA, who enjoy sitting around, and shooting on whatever topics are on our mind…..everything from sports, to entertainment to politics, to pop culture to geek stuff, and all points in between. Plus we’ll bring our friends from all walks of life under the tent to help us sort through all the madness that is life in Western Pennsylvania, and the U.S., in 2023!

(And we’re more than happy to leave the heavy lifting of hardcore political talk to our neighbors here at WJAS, as they’re the best and most-equipped voices in the country to handle that task.)

Bottom line: you’re waking up….we’re waking up…so let’s do it together, and have FUN along the way!

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