The Poughkeepsie Journal: Spackenkill student’s court case could set precedent in posthumous workers compensation

After his father passed away, all Kanye Khalid Green had left of him were some pictures, a collection of books and 38.8 weeks of disability payments.

The Spackenkill High School student planned to use the payments, roughly $19,000, to seed his college fund.

Green, 15, has aspirations of attending Duke University. It’s a lofty goal, both for the exclusivity of the North Carolina school’s admissions process and its tuition – next year it will cost students roughly $58,000. But Eric Watson, who worked three jobs and read books on self-improvement, had always encouraged his children to dream and achieve big.

Kanye and his mother, Linda Green, are locked in a dispute over the payments, the balance of 350 weeks of disability owed to Eric Watson at the time of his 2018 death, with several groups, including Dutchess BOCES, Wright Risk Management and the Workers’ Compensation Board, which is representedby the New York State Attorney General’s Office. They say there is no precedent for a family to receive disability payments for a permanent injury after the worker’s death.

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